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Recipes Oil "il Castello" ______

Celery stew

Celery, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil DOP-BIO hills Assisi-Spoleto “IL CASTELLO”.

Place the softest celery baskets and the hearts of the sedanini in a serving dish. Then prepare the pinzimonio with DOP-BIO extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Dip the sebananes in the pinzimonio, and taste.


Homemade bread baked in wood, garlic, salt, extra virgin olive oil DOP colli Assisi – Spoleto “IL CASTELLO”.

Cut the bread into slices a little high and let it toast on the coals. On the freshly toasted bread rub some garlic on one side, add salt and sprinkle the slices of abundant DOP-BIO extra virgin olive oil, and taste.

Lentil purée (x 4 people)

200 G of lentils, peeled tomatoes, rosemary, sage, garlic, salt, chilli, DOP-BIO extra virgin olive oil Colli Assisi-Spoleto “IL CASTELLO”.

Soak the lentils overnight with a pinch of baking soda. Drain, wash and place in a pan with ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil, two cloves of garlic, a sprig of rosemary, two or three sage leaves (tie the rosemary and sage with string to avoid losing them in the soup) , salt, 2 tablespoons of peeled tomatoes, a little chilli, let them brown for a minute. Pour the lentils, then add a liter and a half of hot water and cook for about two hours. Remove the pan from the heat and pass the contents to the vegetable mill. Serve the lentil purée on individual holsters, seasoned with a round of DOP-BIO extra virgin olive oil and toasted bread cubes.

Sliced ​​beef and rocket (for 4 people)

500 G of beef cut into 4 slices, a bunch of rocket, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil DOP-BIO colli Assisi – Spoleto “IL CASTELLO”.

Put a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a non-stick pan and heat it over a high flame. Blanch the slices of meat in the oil, on both sides, for a few seconds, so that they lose the color of the raw meat and become slightly brown. As the slices are ready, cut them into sticks and place them on a plate, possibly heated in the oven, without crossing them. Wash and dry the rocket. Put some more oil in the pan where you have scalded the meat, add the rocket and cook it for a minute, or until the leaves have become limp. Add salt and pepper and spread the rocket on the meat, season with a drizzle of DOP extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy your meal.

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